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Roesten van Nederland / Dutch Rust Fungi A.J.Termorshuizen / C.A. Swertz Roesten van Nederland / Dutch Rust Fungi 420 Seiten 85.00 CHF

Spalted Wood - The History, Science and Art Robinson / Michaelsen / Robinson 2016 285 Seiten For the first time the history of spalted wood - wood coloration caused gy funghi - is detailed in a comprehensive resource covering the science, the history and the applications of spalting. 92.50 CHF

Syllabus of Plant Families Wolfgang Frey (Editor) 2016 332 Seiten Part of Engler's Syllabus of Plant Families - Ascomycota provides a thorough treatise of the world-wide morphological and molecular diversity of the funga phylum Ascomycota. 149.50 CHF

Syllabus of Plant Families Wolfgang Frey 1/3 Basidiomycota and Entorrhizomycota 187.50 CHF

The Allure of Fungi Alison Pouliot 265 Seiten 60.00 CHF

The Genera of Hyphomycetes Seifert / Morgan-Jones / Gams / Kendrick 995 Seiten This book is a comprehensive revision and expansion of the classic 1980 text by Carmichael, Kendrick, Conners & Sigler, with entirely new illustrations of more than 1400 genera. Pictures and a series of text keys are included. It provides a reference and resource for the identification of moulds to all those who work with these fungi, including plant pathologists, industrial microbiologists, ecologists and indoor environment specialists. 132.00 CHF

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