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Microfungi on land plants Ellis / Ellis 2017 An Identification Handbook - new enlarged edition 139.50 CHF

Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe Vol. 2 - Agarics part 1 Kibby 196 Seiten 64.00 CHF

Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe, Vol. Geoffrey Kibby 2017 227 Seiten Puffballs, Earthstars, Stinkhorns, Chanterelles, Toothed Fungi, Club Fungi, Coral Fungi, Polypores, Crust Fungi, Boletes & their relatives, Russulas & Milkcaps 64.00 CHF

Polypores of the Mediterranean Region Bernicchia / Gorjon Polypores of the Mediterranean Region contains updated nomenclatural information about the polypore fungi found in the Mediterranean Region and adjacent areas. A total of 116 genera and 435 species are accepted and described in detail including comments on ecology, distribution and comparsion with closely related species. Full-colour macro- and microphotographs highlight most of the described species and keys are provided for all genera and species. In addition, six new combinations are proposed by the Authors. 900 Seiten 115.00 CHF

Poroid fungi of Europe L. Ryvarden und I. Melo Poroid fungi of Europe 455 Seiten Ein neues Bestimmungswerk über eur... 140.00 CHF

Poroid fungi of Europe - 2nd Edition L. Ryvarden & I. Melo 2017 430 Seiten With photos by T. Niemelä and drawings by I. Melo & T. Niemelä 115.00 CHF

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